NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Occupational Therapy Team have produced some fantastic free eLearning videos around supporting children to with sensory processing difference. Please follow the link to access the training. Link

Sensory checklist

  • Where appropriate the child or young person should be supported to complete a sensory checklist themselves.
  • Staff should complete observations with a sensory focus
  • Setting staff and parents should then complete a ‘sensory checklist’
  • The checklists should be updated regularly to reflect changing needs
  • SENCo and class teacher/ TA/ key worker should then analyse checklists along with the observations to see which sensory experiences they seems to be currently seeking and which they are currently aversive to.
  • SENCo and class teacher/ TA/ key worker to use this information, to produce a sensory profile (below) with key strategies to meet their sensory needs.
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Sensory profile

See guidance above

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