What STARS can offer

We have changed the way we work to give a fair offer to all settings in Leeds. Our main focus is on training and empowerment for all staff to enable them to have a better understanding of Autism and how to support autistic pupils.

STARS are strategic partners for the Autism Education Trust and deliver their training in Leeds. The AET is a national initiative, endorsed and partialy funded by the Department for Education. There are 3 tiers:

  • Making Sense of Autism (Tier 1): autism awareness training: This course is designed to provide staff with a better awareness and understanding of autism and it's impact on children. It is recommended for all staff who work to support children with a diagnosis of Autism. It is a free 90 minutes introductory course which is available for training days and twilight sessions.
  • We are currently also offering this course as an e- learning module.

  • Good Autism Practice (Tier 2): a one day course aimed at teaching assistants, teachers and SENCOs.
  • Leadig Good Autism Practice (Tier 3):  a one day course for lead practitioners and senior and middle leaders.

Please see under the training heading for more information and other courses.

  • Meetings with the Lead Practitioner or SENCO at each visit to the setting.to support and empower them to lead good autism practice within their setting.
  • Ongoing support meetings with the Lead Practitioner 


If needed:


Beginning with an Opening Meeting to gain as much information about the individual child through discussion with parents, teaching assistant/ key worker, Lead Practitioner, teacher and SENCO’s.


Up to three visits in collaboration with the Lead Practitioner. At STARS discretion there may be fewer or more visits dependant on the needs of the child.


At the end of the period of support a Support Plan will be produced and a meeting held to discuss the child's progress and the supportive strategies in place. This will involve discussion with  parents, teaching assistant/ key worker, Lead Practitioner, teacher and SENCO.


  • Drop in advice sessions are held monthly at the Leeds Central Library giving professionals and parents the opportunity to discuss concerns and gain advice from STARS and other agencies present.

    These sessions are currently being offered through a remote consultation service which can be booked through the STARS website

    Workshops on a range of topics and supportive strategies are available at the Central Library drop in session

‚ÄčOngoing Support

  • AET and STARS training packages on a variety of supportive strategies
  • Email and phone advice for professionals and parents through our current drop in offer
  • Resources available online through our STARS website
  • Regular meetings for Lead Practitioners currently held remotely