What STARS can offer

We have changed the way we work to give a fair offer to all settings in Leeds. Our main focus is on training and empowerment for all staff to enable them to have a better understanding of autism and how to support autistic pupils.

STARS are strategic partners for the Autism Education Trust and deliver their training in Leeds. The AET is a national initiative, endorsed and partialy funded by the Department for Education. There are 3 tiers:

  • Making Sense of Autism (Tier 1): autism awareness training: FREE twilight course, for the whole staff team
  • Good Autism Practice (Tier 2): one day course aimed at teaching assistants, teachers, SENCOs.
  • Leadig Good Autism Practice (Tier 3): one day course for lead practitioners and senior and middle leaders.

Please see under the training heading for more information and other courses.

  • Meetings with the Lead Practitioner on every visit
  • Ongoing support meetings with the Lead Practitioner 

If needed:

  • Opening Meeting: with parents, teaching assistant/ key worker, Lead Practitioner, teacher, SENCO.
  • Up to three visits if needed in collaboration with the Lead Practitioner. More support/visits given to high priority cases (at STARS discretion)
  • Support Plan Meeting: with the Lead Practitioner, key staff and parents to go through the STARS Support Plan.
  • Once a month at the central library
  • Workshops
  • Resource sharing
  • Training
  • Email and phone advice
  • Resources, available online
  • Regular meetings for Lead Practitioners