Drop in Advice Sessions

Due to the recent retirement, promotion and relocation of members of the STARS team we a currently experiencing a period of staffing shortage and are in the process of recruiting and then inducting new staff.  This is an opportunity to revise and re-model our offer, so that we can continue to provide the quality support we are known for, but in a timelier manner. Therefore, please have patience whilst these changes are put in motion.

We are funded by DSG (designated schools grant) and thus our core role is to support staff in education settings to raise standards of support for their autistic pupils. During this challenging period, we need to concentrate on meeting this primary function well.

In the autumn term we will:

In addition, STARS bite-sized eLearning videos for parents and carers will soon be available, links via the STARS website, with new videos added to the collection regularly.



Drop-in Training Workshops:. 9:45am – 11:00am

Using Board maker to create visual prompts at the drop in